Scott for Judge


JOin me on my journey to judge…

Change can be scary, exciting, intimidating, different or inspiring...whatever you think about change it’s inevitable and it’s coming to Cleveland Housing Court.

Change came in 2017, with the untimely passing of Judge Ray Pianka. Like me he was a life long Democrat, public servant and innovator when it came to community housing solutions. Growing up in low income housing and being a first generation college graduate, I understand what financial hardships look like and feels like. Circumstances happens and life can change in an instant, leaving a person without safe affordable housing and in a financial tailspin. You want a person who’s fair and compassionate enough to render a reasonable, safe and speedy resolution for all parties involved. I’m that person!

Change can come again November 5, 2019, by electing me as the next Cleveland Housing Court Judge! Having a someone who is fair, compassionate and innovative with a deep love for all things community on the bench is the change you should want to see! It’s a change you need to see! don’t forget to fill in the dot for SCOTT on November 5th!

Thank you for joining me on my Journey to Judge as I campaign to change the face and feel of Cleveland Housing Court.

Don’t forget to fill in the dot for SCOTT on November 5th!